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Teltron Dual Beam Tube

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The electron beam source is an oxide cathode heated indirectly via a heating coil.
The dual beam tube is a partly evacuated electron tube, filled with helium at low pressure and equipped with both axial and perpendicular electron guns. 
The electron beams are perpendicular to one another and a common deflector plate is provided for both guns. 

The dual beam tube can be used to determine the specific charge e/m from the diameter of the path followed by Science Lab India electrons fired into the tube from a perpendicularly mounted gun with a vertically aligned magnetic field and observation of the spiral path followed by electrons fired axially into a coaxial magnetic field.
The electron paths show up as a fine, slightly greenish beam due to impact excitation of the helium atoms. Requires a 300 V or 500 V DC power supply.

• Anode current: max. 30 mA
• Deflector voltage: max. 50 V DC
• Filament voltage: max. 7.5 V AC/DC
• Anode voltage: max. 100 V DC
• Glass bulb: 130 mm dia. approx.
• Total length: 260 mm approx.


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