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Measurement of soil, water and thermal properties and sometimes even plants and animals are monitored. This monitoring is very useful for health of people as well as environment. Inclinometers and sensors are of great use while carrying out Environmental Instrumentation. Environmental Instruments Manufacturers, Environmental Instruments Exporters in India, Environmental Instruments Suppliers, Environmental Instruments Manufacturers in India, Environmental Instruments Suppliers in India

Insect Net

Product Code : EL-EI-10316

Collapsible design, light weight, convenient to carry bag.

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Soil Auger

Product Code : EL-EI-10317

For withdrawing soil samples.

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Product Code : EL-EI-10318

For collecting flies, spiders and other small arthropods.

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Plankton Net

Product Code : EL-EI-10319

Plankton Net.

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Plant Press Wooden

Product Code : EL-EI-10320

Heavy duty wooden planks.

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Rocks Collection

Product Code : EL-EI-10321

Contains 50 Types of Rocks Specimens.

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Plant Press

Product Code : EL-EI-10322

Plants are pressed between a pair of metal frames.

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