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Beehive Shelves

Product Code : EL-GP-10539

Made of porcelain, for pneumatic trough.

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Blow Pipe Burner

Product Code : EL-GP-10540

Nickel-plated brass.

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Spotting Plates

Product Code : EL-GP-10541

Made of porcelain.

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Combustion Spoon

Product Code : EL-GP-10542

For use in test tubes.

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Deflagrating Spoon

Product Code : EL-GP-10543

Brass cup and iron rod held by cork in aluminium cap.

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Watch Glasses

Product Code : EL-GP-10544

Made from selected glass sheet.

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Wire Gauge

Product Code : EL-GP-10545

With asbestos center.

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Mortar and Pestle

Product Code : EL-GP-10546

Porcelain good quality.

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Voltmeter Copper

Product Code : EL-GP-10547

For experiments in electrolysis.

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Charcoal Blocks

Product Code : EL-GP-10548

Made from fine quality compressed charcoal.

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Cobalt Glass

Product Code : EL-GP-10549

For potassium dry reaction.

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Gas Generator Kipps

Product Code : EL-GP-10550

Made of Polyethylene.

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Gas Jars

Product Code : EL-GP-10551

Glass with ground flange.

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Spirit Lamp

Product Code : EL-GP-10552

With woven wick in metal holder.

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Retort Stoppered

Product Code : EL-GP-10553

Made of Borosilicate glass.

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