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A piece of laboratory equipment that is used to magnify small things that are too small to be seen by the naked eye, or too small for the details to be seen by the naked eye, so that their finer details can be seen and studied. There are many types of microscopes, and they may be grouped in different ways. Science Lab India One way is to describe the method an instrument uses to interact with a sample and produce images, either by sending a beam of light or electrons through a sample in its optical path, by detecting photon emissions from a sample, or by scanning across and a short distance from the surface of a sample using a probe. Microscopes Suppliers, Microscopes Manufacturers, Microscopes Exporters, Lab Microscopes, Educational Microscopes, Science Microscopes.

Student Microscope

Product Code : SCL-M-11424

Pressure die-cast parts to ensure strength and uniformity. Separate knobs for coarse and fine focussing.

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Trinocular Microscope

Product Code : SCL-M-11425

Eyepiece : WF 10x, WF 15x Nosepiece : Quadruple Nosepiece

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Student Microscope Inclined

Product Code : SCL-M-11426

Fixed square stage of 110×110 mm with two nonremovable stage clips.

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Pathological Microscope

Product Code : SCL-M-11427

Safety stopper to prevent damage to slides and objectives.

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Portable Microscope

Product Code : SCL-M-11428

This microscope yields 40x or 100x images illuminated by the built-in prism.

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Junior Microscope

Product Code : SCL-M-11429

A fixed stage 110 x 100 mm is provided with stage clips, illumination is by plano concave mirror reflector.

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Elementary Microscope

Product Code : SCL-M-11430

A 84 x 76 mm stage with disc diaphragm and slide holding clips is provided.

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Mechanical Stage

Product Code : SCL-M-11431

The two graduated X and Y movements are adjusted by rack & pinion mechanism

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Microscope Lamp Low Voltage

Product Code : SCL-M-11432

The lamp holder is fitted with a ground glass diffuser, complete with 6 V, 20 W lamp

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Vernier Travelling Microscope

Product Code : SCL-M-11433

Consists of a heavy cast iron base fitted with three levelling screws.

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Microscope Slide Dispenser

Product Code : SCL-M-11434

A cover protects the slides from dust. Each slide is dispensed by rotating the knurled

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Microscope Slide Cover Forceps

Product Code : SCL-M-11435

Microscope Glass Slide Cover Forceps. Length: 120mm

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Microscope Cleaning Kit

Product Code : SCL-M-11436

Air blower Lens fluid

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Trinocular Microscope, 1000x, LED

Product Code : SCL-M-11437

Achromatic Semi-Plan Objectives: 4X/0.10, 10X/0.25, 40X/0.65 & 100X/1.25 oil immersion lens.

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Digital Zoom Microscope

Product Code : SCL-M-11438

Single optical zoom objective from 1 to 5 times magnification.

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